Call for Participants: Chichester, the District & D-Day 75 years on

Chichester d_day 75th logoChichester and the District played an important role in D Day, with troops, aircraft, and supplies all moving through as part of the build-up for what became the largest amphibious assault in history. The 6th June 1944 would prove to be one of the most significant single days of the twentieth century; and preparations for it took place took place right on the doorsteps of those living in and near Chichester.

We would be delighted to speak to those with memories of D Day and the preparation for it, both those directly involved in the mobilisation and those who saw its effects on Chichester and the District.

  • Perhaps you remember being a child seeing troops moving through the city, seeing changes made to buildings and the landscape, or even remember the sights and sounds of it all?
  • Did you know the military personnel stationed at Bishop Otter College, or were you involved with the College yourself?
  • Do you have interesting photographs or documents of the period relating to Chichester and the District?
  • Do you have objects from the period that hold important memories for you?
  • Did you purchase any of the collections of Shoreham D-Day Aviation Museum on its closure?
No 44 RAF Ford briefing for blog
Briefing at RAF Ford © IWM

As part of a series of events taking place to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D Day, a series of oral history interviews are to be undertaken by historians from the Humanities Department at the University of Chichester, working closely with the West Sussex Records Office, and Tangmere Military Aviation Museum. We would be delighted to hear your stories and memories, and to scan any photographs or documents that you wanted to share with us (great care will be taken with any original material and copies taken to ensure that originals remain with their owners). Participants will have the opportunity to contribute their memories and stories to an evolving record of the area’s social history. We are planning a range of events in the run up to the anniversary, including a programme of scheduled public talks to be announced closer to the time.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact:

Dr Andrew WM Smith
Department of Humanities
University of Chichester
PO19 6PE
01243 816499

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