West Sussex Unwrapped II

West Sussex Unwrapped 2021

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Brought to you by Screen Archive South East (SASE) and West Sussex Record Office, series II of our collaborative eight-month project will delve deep into the county’s heritage, presenting a multi-media mix of old film footage, photographs, blogs and unique documents which together offer a different approach to experiencing archival material at home. Films will be showcased by SASE and monthly blogs published right here.

See what’s in store…

A little taster of West Sussex Unwrapped 2, showing clips from a film of Warnham Court in the South East Screen Archive collection, c1920.

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Month eight- Sussex Cinemas

A history West Sussex’s silver screens – converted skating halls, the golden age of the 1930s, the devastation of WWII, and the everchaging habits of cinema goers – a lot has changed in Sussex over the past one hundred years!

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Month seven – Shoreham Harbour

A history of what was once called ‘the Liverpool of the South’, Shoreham Harbour has seen many changes and events over the centuries. Smuggling, shipwrecks and heavy industry await…

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Month six- Ancient Fairs

An in-depth look at three fairs within West Sussex – the Ancient Charter Fair of Chichester’s Sloe Fair; the Ancient Prescriptive Fair of Petworth; and the Auction Findon Sheep Fair. Arson, money disputes and disorderly behaviour await!

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Month five – South Downs National Park

An exploration of the South Downs National Park through a diverse range of archives, reflecting centuries of history and celebrating all that the Downs have to offer.

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Month four – A look inside Warnham Court

Purchased in 1826 and expanded throughout the 19th century, Warnham Court’s deer park is its most famous feature, but that is not the entire story about this grand country home. The house has seen quite a lot in its nearly 200 year history!

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Month three – 185 years of Eastergate School

As of 2021, Eastergate school has been almost ceaselessly teaching for more than 185 years. Its extensive history can be traced through the archives of the school, and its past schoolmasters and pupils…

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Month two – Women’s Freedom League

To help commemorate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, we look at the Women’s Freedom League, a splinter group from the Suffragettes, and their non-violent methods of campaign.

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Month one – Crawley New Town

West Sussex Unwrapped returns with an exploration of Crawley New Town. Re-developed in the 1950s, Crawley hailed a new era of town planning ideals. Find out more about this mid-century concrete metropolis through the archives.

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