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West Sussex Unwrapped 2020

Read the blog, watch the film, follow the fun.

Welcome to West Sussex Unwrapped, a ten-week tour exploring the historical, celebratory, nostalgic and quirky sides of West Sussex.

Brought to you by Screen Archive South East and West Sussex Record Office, this new collaborative project will delve deep into the county’s heritage, presenting a multi-media mix of old film footage, photographs, blogs and unique documents which together offer a different approach to experiencing archival material at home. Films will be showcased on Vimeo and weekly blogs published right here.

See what’s in store…

West Sussex Unwrapped Promo from Screen Archive South East on Vimeo.

Christmas special

Join us for a special edition of West Sussex Unwrapped, where you can explore Christmases gone by.

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Week ten- Chichester

For the final week of West Sussex Unwrapped, return to Chichester, and see how the city has changed and evolved from Roman times to the present day.

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Week nine – Railways

Rail travel has impacted many different aspects of West Sussex life; from transporting post and essential goods across the South Downs, to popularising seaside holidays, the county has a deep and rich connection to the railways.

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Week eight – Shippam’s

Purveyors of meat, soups, pastes and ready meals, Shippam’s is one of the Record Office’s favourite collections. Come take a look at the advertisements and publicity that the company used to help make it one of the most nostalgic pieces of people’s childhood!

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Week seven – Country Life

Country life is more than a day trip out for a walk along the South Downs. Take a look at agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, and the ever important leisure activities. Read about how much (or little) country life has changed this past century here!

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Week six – Rural traditions

Peek into the history of West Sussex’s traditions, some you may know and some you may not! A few are shared with other counties but others are unique to West Sussex…

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Week five- Coronations and Jubilees

From Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II, take a look at how West Sussex has been commemorating and celebrating our monarch’s coronation days and milestone jubilees throughout the centuries

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Week four – Lifeboats

The coast of West Sussex is beautiful, but also deadly. Lifeboats were, and still are, crucial fixtures of maritime life. Read on to dip your toes into the history of the lifeboat service in West Sussex.

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Week three – Women’s Institute

The WSFWI have been providing education, skills and community to ladies up and down the county for over a century now, and the revealing scrapbooks of Easebourne, Lavant, Selsey, Felpham, Petworth, Camelsdale, Graffham and Selham, Chidham and so many more are always worth showing off!

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Week two – Nursing

From the medieval hospitality of St Mary’s Hospital in Chichester to the state-of-the-art treatments developed at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, each hospital offered a unique experience for thousands of West Sussex nurses.

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Week one – Summer

We’ve prepared a pot-pourri of summer related archival material. From railway posters to goat chaises & donkey rides, humorous postcards and photos of seaside hotels, plunge into these archival documents.

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