The Little Churches of Chichester

In the first Tuesday Talk of 2019, Alan Green will be talking about the fascinating histories of what became known as The Little Churches of Chichester.

Chichester was once the most pious of cities. In Pre-Reformation times there were nine parish churches, three chapels, a cathedral and two friaries all within its walls. Of these the cathedral and six of the parish churches survived into the 17C and beyond.

St Peter the Less, St Martin and All Saints – three of the five Little Churches of Chichester

Five of these were known collectively as The Little Churches – St Peter the Less, St Martin, St Olave, St Andrew and All Saints. They all closed in the 20C and two were demolished, but the other three live on in new uses.

This talk looks at the histories of the little churches, their people and parishes, and along the way gives a portrait of Chichester life over four centuries.

Unfortunately Alan’s talk is now sold out but please take a look at our website to see what other topics are coming up.

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