2018/2019 Accessions

By Abigail Hartley, Searchroom Archivist

One of the most crucial aspects that our volunteers tirelessly work towards is the accessioning of our smaller collections.  AM (Additional Manuscripts) contain some of our most visually interesting and varied documents.  Within the last 12 months, here is a quick overview of just some of the items we have added to our collections:

AM 1260 Certificate
AM 1260/6/1 – Certificate of the founding of the Bognor Branch of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section
  • AM 1213 – Additional Bousefield Family papers, 20th century.
  • AM 1263 – Records of the Sparkes Family, horticulturalists in West Sussex and Malta, 1960s-1980s.
  • AM 1254 – Deeds of North Pallant.
  • AM 1258 – Deeds for properties on Western Terrace, Worthing.
  • AM 1259 and AM 1261 – Deeds for properties in Hurstpierpoint.
  • AM 1260 – Royal British Legion Women’s Section Bognor Branch, late 20th century.
  • AM 1266 – Chichester Mission Support minutes, 1995-2016.
  • AM 1284 – Deeds for property in Worthing, Southwick and Horsham.
  • AM 1335 – Southern Home Counties Industrial Council minutes, 1929-1989.
  • AM 1358 – Mr Searle’s West Sussex research, with articles and photographs re Chichester, in part based on sources at WSRO, 1970’s.
  • AM 1362 – Tangmere Chronicles, a history of the village in photographs, pamphlets and notes, 20th century.

    AM 1374_2_1
    AM 1374/2/1 – Newsletters of the West Sussex Organists’ Accociation
  • AM 1371 – Drawings and sketches of architect Charles Dicker, 1855-1912.
  • AM 1374 – West Sussex Organist Association, 1959-2018.
  • AM 1380 – West Sussex Market Account books, 1943-1998.
  • AM 1382 – Blackmore family of Chichester, family scrapbooks featuring RAF and professional football refereeing career of members, 1904-1960.


Isn’t the variety of records fascinating?  From drawings to account books to local history research to deeds.  Also the colours!  Who said paper documents are all black and white?  We are currently in the process of updating our catalogues, so whilst some of these items aren’t searchable to the general public just yet, we hope to have it updated soon.  National Volunteer week was only a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean our appreciation for their hard work begins and ends with a hashtag.  A massive thank you as always to our volunteers; Nick, our archivist who juggles them all; and, of course, to our depositors, who choose us as a home for their records.

AM 1382_1_2 1
AM 1382/1/2/1 – Blackmore family of Chichester, scrapbook of refereeing career across Sussex

If you would like to see more of the variety of records held at West Sussex Record Office, check out our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, where we often share some our more interesting items, as well as provide updates for upcoming events or (un)expected closures.


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